Install Jupyterlab on Ubuntu – Fast & Easy

If you have followed the recent Install Anaconda Ubuntu – Complete Step-by-Step Tutorial, or even the popular Install Postman on Ubuntu Tutorial, chances are that you are also looking for a tutorial on how to Install Jupyterlab on Ubuntu. So, why not cover the whole thing? Let’s get right started.

There are 3 ways to Install Jupyterlab:

  1. Conda (that requires you to install Anaconda first, follow this Tutorial to do so!)
  2. Pip
  3. Pipenv

I show you all 3 ways so you are covered.

Step 1 – Install Jupyterlab using Conda

Assuming you have Anaconda installed, simply run:

conda install -c conda-forge jupyterlabCode language: Bash (bash)

When prompted if you want to proceed with the installation, hit y.

Installation Process
Install Jupyterlab using Conda

That’s it for the Conda way. To learn how to start Jupyterlab continue with Step 4.

Step 2 – Install Jupyterlab using Pip

To run the installer using Pip, simply run:

pip install jupyterlabCode language: Bash (bash)
Install Jupyter Notebook
Install Jupyterlab using Pip

That’s all you need to do for the Pip install.

Step 3 – Install Jupyterlab using Pipenv

For Pipenv we need to run:

pipenv install jupyterlab
pipenv shellCode language: Bash (bash)

Or from a Git Checkout:

pipenv install git+git://
pipenv shellCode language: Bash (bash)

Step 4 – Starting Jupyterlab

To start Jupyterlab you simply run:

jupyter labCode language: Bash (bash)
Install Jupyter Notebook
Starting Jupyterlab

After you run the command, a Web Browser automatically opens with the Jupyter Notebook interface.

Install Jupyter Notebook
Jupyter Notebook Web Interface

In case it doesn’t come up automatically, open a Web Browser and Navigate to http://localhost:8888/lab


You can achieve a complete setup of Jupyterlab in only a couple of steps. If you have followed the previous Anaconda installation tutorial, you should have no issue being up and running within 15 Minutes, all together. Jupyterlab is really interesting for Development, I am going to look into it myself and maybe even make more Tutorials for Jupyterlab in the future.

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