My name is Stefan and I create educational (and sometimes entertaining ?) content on YouTube, Instagram and on my Blog. The main topics on those channels include but are not limited to Ethical Hacking, Bug Bounties, Web Development, Programming, Linux & Open Source, Content Creation and Productivity. I also throw in the occasional piece on Mental Health or a “Day in the life” kind of video.

I decided to quit my well paying job as a CTO in a startup after 3 years in December 2020 to become a full-time Content Creator and to follow my passion.

Hacker. Since I was a small kid and have watched movies like Hackers, I was fascinated with Hacking. Although I haven’t learned about actual Hacking until my late 20’s. There is also no exciting Black Hat story I can share, I was always and I still am one of the good guys.

Being a Hacker means a lot of different things, the main thing it means for me is being curious and always eager to learn new things. That is what most of the Hackers that I know am too and I want to spread awareness and get us away from the bad stigma that is attached to the word. We are here to make the Internet a safer place for everyone.

Web Developer. I wasn’t really interested in Programming until the age of 33 or so. That means I started fairly late to learn Web Development and Programming. I did not attend a bootcamp or anything like that, I am completely self-taught. I haven’t worked a job as a Developer, I use my knowledge to teach other people to become Developers and to build projects I like to bring to life. I love the creativity when it comes to Web Development and building things from scratch.

Bug Bounty Hunter. It wasn’t until I was 34 that I have heard about the phrase “Bug Bounties” for the first time in my life. I watched a couple of videos and got immediately hooked. “What you mean, you can legally Hack on major companies and get paid for it?! I am in!”. Since that day I got heavily involved in the Bug Bounty Community (which I absolutely love) and am now what you would call a “Influencer” in that space. I love to spread awareness and teach people how to get into Bounties to help this community grow. We have a little Content Creator community in this space that is very dear to me and I love being involved in it. And of course, I hunt bugs alone and in collaboration with other Hacker friends on a regular basis.

Linux & Open Source Afficionado. I love playing around with Open Source projects and Linux in general. I love things like pfSense (I am a officially certified pfSense professional), FreeNAS and other cool things to tinker around with. I create occasional pieces of content in this avenue.

Content Creator. I started creating content in 2016 on my Blog and soon after that uploaded my first (terrible) YouTube video. I would have never thought I get to where I am today when starting out, but being consistent over the past 5 years has proven to be worth it. I loved the positive feedback that I have gotten on my Blog Articles and on my Videos which is what kept me going. Over the past five years I have been working on improving my craft. That includes speaking, videography, photography, lighting, post production, social media management, SEO and all the other little things that are required to know to be a one man show. I keep improving my craft and I really love to see how every piece of content I put out is a little bit better than the last.

Productivity Nerd. Yea, I admit it. I’m a productivity nerd and I consume all of the self-help books, watch every single video that Matt D’ Avella and Thomas Frank put out and I love to organize my stuff using Notion. That has proven to be a valuable trait over the years. I can now say with confidence that I have systems in place that are of tremendous help with all of my workflows. I also produce productivity content helping people in all of the above mentioned avenues to become more productive.

Yoga Teacher. I am a certified Yoga Teacher by heart. I practice Yoga for around 8 years now and in 2019 I decided to become a Certified Yoga Teacher doing a fully immersive 5-Week 200-Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Yoga is a huge part of my life and I attribute a lot of my late achievements to being consistent in my Yoga practice. There are occasional influences of Yoga in my content and I also teach people how to manage their stressful life better with my online mentoring program.

Father & Husband. I am also a father to my wonderful 5 year old and a Husband to my wife. My wife is also a full-time Yoga teacher and all around wonderful person. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.

If you want to reach out to me send me an E-Mail or DM me on Twitter.

*Tutorial Disclaimer

All the techniques provided in the tutorials on ceos3c.com are solely meant for educational purposes only. All of the techniques taught here are only meant to be used in a closed laboratory environment or in consent with a second party. If you are using any of those techniques for illegal purposes, Ceos3c can’t be held responsible for possible lawful consequences.