My Ezoic Review After 4 Years - Better Than AdSense?

I wrote this Ezoic Review as a source of information for everyone who is looking into monetizing their blog but doesn't know where to start. In this review, I share my real-world experience after using Ezoic on this very blog for more than 4 years now.

I put something together that I wish I had when I did my initial research on Ezoic and content monetization back in 2019. This Ezoic Review is completely transparent, I share the entire revenue of my blog since I started monetizing it back in 2017 until this very day, showing you the full transition from Google Adsense to Ezoic and how it changed the game for me.

I am able to make a living as a Full-Time Content Creator thanks to the decision to join Ezoic back then, and since they enabled me to do what I love to do full-time. If you have been a long-time reader of my blog, you know that I only endorse things I personally use and believe in - this is no different.

The moment you realize that Ezoic wants you to succeed (the more money you earn, the more money they earn🤯), things become much clearer, but I dive deeper into those details further down in the article.

I also encourage you to read the whole article so you fully understand the development of their service over the past few years. But of course, feel free to skim using the Table of Contents.

🚀 This article has been updated in Mai 2022

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Table of Contents

Story Time

In 2022, everyone wants to be a YouTuber, overlooking the never-ending rise in popularity when it comes to blogging. A lot of people (myself included) actually prefer reading a good article over watching a lengthy YouTube video. Blogging has never been as popular as it is now, but a lot of people are overlooking the revenue that their blog could generate for them.

When I started this blog back in August 2016, I started it solely because I wanted to keep things I might need again stored somewhere for myself. At this time, I didn't even think of monetizing my blog, nor did I know that it would be possible. It wasn't until a full year later that I realized that I almost hit the 10.000 views a month mark. This was the time when I actually started looking for ways to monetize the blog.

I am a full-time content creator here on my blog as well as on my YouTube channel where I create content on the topic of Cyber Security, Open Source Technology, Programming, Productivity, and many more things. Writing about business and revenue isn't really my niche, but I thought I could give you a more real-world perspective of how someone like me uses Ezoic's service compared to most other reviews that exist mostly on SEO or review websites.

In this Ezoic Review, I will also give you insights into my revenue and how it developed over the years, which should give you an idea about how consistent effort can translate to a valuable asset.

Get some coffee, sit comfortably and let's dive in.

A Word on Blogging

Since this is a question I get asked a lot, I want to cover it briefly. This is a technology blog, a lot of people ask me on Twitter how they can drive more traffic to their blog.

While there is no easy answer to that question, I usually default to the following:

  • Be consistent
  • Know your SEO
  • Write original content

While being consistent and original is important, SEO is a major factor when it comes to blogging. I personally spent a ton of time understanding SEO and how to work with it. Investing in a good SEO all-in-one solution like the Mangools SEO suite helped me tremendously to grow my traffic and understand my data.

Once you learn that it simply does not make sense to attempt to outperform a keyword like "how to get a Sixpack" against a page that has 98 Domain Authority, it really puts things into perspective, yet a lot of people do this mistake.

It is also very rare that people bookmark your blog and visit it regularly unless you run some kind of article series that got people hooked or a newsletter. Most people will simply arrive via Google or social media.

So, if you are a beginner blogger, keep those things in mind. It took me several years to fully grasp all of those things, but basically, it translates to HWPO (Hard Work Pays Off).

The Year 2017

Picking up where we left off above, let's dig a bit deeper into my history with Ad Revenue. I started monetizing my blog when I had around 10.000 views per month. Naturally, as probably most of us, I started out with Google Adsense.

I run a WordPress blog, so implementing Adsense was really easy. The hardest part was actually waiting to get approved from Adsense, which took a couple of months.  After implementing Adsense I went through the whole ordeal of setting up Ads in different locations, testing their potential, and reading countless blog articles on how to optimize ad revenue. I wanted to write tutorials, not deal with optimizing ad placements.

Google Adsense earnings in 2017

In the entire year of 2017, I made 178,48$. Did I mention that I was already blogging for 1 1/2 years at that point? This is actually where most people give up, you have to just keep going if you want to have any kind of success creating online content. This revenue didn't even cover the server cost I had at the time, so I actually was in minus in 2017. I also didn't earn a single cent in the first year.

Adsense Results
2017 Google Adsense Revenue

At this time, I did not spend any time on ad optimization or even looked up better ways of optimizing my earnings, I just kept writing content and hoped for the best.

As you can see at the end of this graph, there is a huge increase in revenue. This is the awesomeness that is called Christmas, or, holiday revenue. Every year around December, ad revenue increases like crazy for a month before hitting rock-bottom in January - a toast on capitalism.

At the end of 2017, when I learned that I made almost 80$ in a single month, it dawned on me. I had to take Ad optimization more seriously - and I did.

The Year 2018

Throughout 2018, I started to read countless articles on ad optimization, but I never even considered changing from Google Adsense to another advertiser, all the research I did, didn't lead anywhere noteworthy. Everybody's conses was, stick with Google, it's the best. And so I did.

Google Adsense earnings in 2018

In the year 2018 things changed for me. I churned out more content and I started to take my business more seriously and treat it as an actual business. I had a lot to learn.

In December 2017, I had 25.000 visits a month. Just one year later, in December 2018, I reached 50.000 views a month. This was a huge milestone and It showed in my revenue. I made 1998.47$ in the year 2018. That was a great achievement for me personally and another big milestone to hit on the way to becoming a full-time content creator and blogger.

Google Adsense Revenue
2018 Google Adsense Revenue

In 2018, I also gave Google Auto Ads a try, which basically is an automated ad placement system from Google. This would take the hassle of experimenting with ad placement out of the equation. At least in theory.

I tried Adsense Auto Ads for a month and had a huge drop in revenue compared to my carefully placed manual ads. I ditched it and never looked back.

Right around that time I hit 50.000 views a month. This is when I got a message from Mike McGuire, the CEO of Ezoic.

Before that, I had never heard of Ezoic and I didn't seriously look for any alternatives for Google Adsense. I did notice some of their ads here and there at the time but didn't really pay attention to them.

First Contact with Ezoic

Mike contacted me and tried to pitch me with:

"Can I book 15 minutes of your time to outline how sites like yours can leverage native data from their readers to improve user experience and revenue?".

To be honest, I wouldn't even reply if there wasn't the P.S. he included at the end of the Email:

"I notice you practice BJJ (our CMO's wife is a world champion - Tyler himself won Bronze Medal at the 2017 European Championship)".

Being a long-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, I certainly appreciated his effort in doing his research.

We exchanged a couple of emails back and forth, I did some research on my end and based on it, decided to not go for their service for the time being. I have read a couple of Ezoic reviews and none of them really convinced me to go for it at this time.

Don't get me wrong, their product was already sparking some interest in me. There was nothing I would have liked more than completely automating the serving of my ads, which consumes a lot of time done manually with A/B testing et cetera.

The Year 2019

My monthly visits kept rising, and so did my ad revenue from Google. In the last few months of 2018, I consecutively made more than 300$ in ad revenue. I didn't think of changing anything yet as my revenue kept rising. In March 2019 I got more than 75.000 visits a month to my blog. Another huge increase in visits, and in ad revenue.

Second Contact with Ezoic

The revenue dropped a bit, as expected, at the beginning of 2019 until it eventually leveled out again in June 2019, when I made 333$ USD with Google Adsense. This was nice, but not nice enough.

Around that time, I was contacted by another sales representative of Ezoic. He sent me a long email and we got talking. I immediately liked the guy, he was very straightforward and honest in what he tried to pitch to me. We actually had a lot of casual conversation in the process, which I enjoyed. We are still in contact to this day, checking in on each other once in a while. Ultimately, he convinced me to go with the free version of their service and give it a trial run.

I did a little bit more research, what triggered my decision, in the end, was that Ezoic is an actual Certified Publishing Partner of Google. So their legitimacy was confirmed for me which was an important part of my decision-making for giving Ezoic a try and this also contributed to me writing this Ezoic Review as I will only share legitimate services with the readers of my blog.

I didn't think so much about increasing my revenue rather than completely automating the whole ad ecosystem on my website, which should ultimately free me up some much-needed time to do what I actually want to do - create content. Ezoic uses artificial intelligence to constantly improve the ad placements, so it takes care of itself 100% once set up.

Their service in its basic form is completely free. The only thing they do after 30 days is to place a tiny Ezoic banner in the footer of your website, which didn't bother me at all.

It was the beginning of July when I decided to make the switch over to Ezoic. You can see that transition reflected in my 2019 Google AdSense revenue, as it drops down to almost 0 on the Google AdSense dashboard.

Adsense Results
2019 Google Adsense Revenue

Making the Switch to Ezoic

I have to honestly say, part of why I decided to write this rather long Ezoic Review and talk about them in the first place was because of how satisfied I was with the integration process. My representative, Dan, literally took care of everything.

I already was using the Ad Inserter plugin to serve my Google AdSense Ads, so all I needed to do was wrap them in some Ezoic code, so they could use them as placeholders for their AI to inject their own ads. I also needed to adjust some nameserver settings with my hoster, which was easy because Dan took me through, step-by-step, and was answering every single question I had with patience and competence.

The setup was finished rather quickly and I was amazed at how easy it was. I thought it would be much more of a hassle. By now, you probably can tell that I am really satisfied with their integration process.

The First Month with Ezoic - June 2019

Alright, this is probably the part why you choose to read an Ezoic Review in the first place, let's talk about revenue.

Note: Since originally publishing this article, I have created a dedicated article covering my Ezoic Earnings, which is always up-to-date and probably easier to read when you just want to look at numbers without all of the contexts.

It took a couple of days for the AI to learn, but I've been made aware of this beforehand. Also, the summer months over June - September are usually seeing another drop in ad revenue with August being the lowest of the Summer months.

Remember the 333$ USD I made in June?

I started to see the first revenue on July 4th. About three days later, on a Sunday (Usually the lowest revenue day of the week by far), I had earned 24$, the highest revenue on a single day I ever had. On a Sunday. It sure looked to be good to be true, but the revenue kept rising.

As you can see in the graph below, thanks to their ads, I even cracked the 40$/day mark somewhere in mid-July.

Ezoic Earnings
July 2019 Ezoic Earnings

In the end, I made 811$ USD in July. That's more than double compared to what I have ever made before with Google Adsense. I was impressed and very happy, to say the least. Maybe this makes it a bit clearer why I decided to write an Ezoic review and share my experience with you.

The Second Month with Ezoic - August 2019

As mentioned above, ad revenue usually drops a bit again in August, which it also did in my case. I contacted Dan and he sent me an interesting graph that represents ad rates by day over the course of a year. It's called the Online Ad Revenue Index.

Ezoic Review
The Online Ad Revenue Index

You can clearly see ad rates are the highest in December, followed by a huge drop in January, then they slowly start to rise again towards summer and they drop again in Mid-July / August. This was an accurate representation of what happened to my revenue.

Ezoic Earnings August 2019
August 2019 Ezoic Earnings

Admittedly a small drop, but a drop nevertheless. I didn't care tho, those Ezoic earnings were still way more than what I had earned with Google Adsense. In August 2019, I made 753$ USD.

The Third Month with Ezoic - September 2019

My visits per month were pretty similar throughout those months, so you can really see that the AI is working on increasing revenue, even when the traffic stays approximately the same. The rise in traffic you see in October was around 10k ghost traffic I got out of some reason, so it's actually 86k in October.

Traffic July 2019 - November 2019

Anticipating that my earnings would rise again in September, I wasn't disappointed. The AI kept working its magic, creating more revenue, and at the same time marking another almost-milestone. In September 2019, I made 989$, almost cracking the 1000$ mark for the first time ever!

September 2019 Ezoic Earnings
September 2019 Ezoic Earnings

I was finally able to do a long-overdue upgrade of my studio equipment. The dream of becoming a Full-Time Content Creator just came a bit closer.

Ezoic Premium in 2019

At the end of September, I got a popup message in my dashboard saying that I was invited to the Ezoic Premium Program. I thought, alright, here we go - that's the part where they will ask me to sign up for a subscription. At this point, I was still using the completely free version.

I actually contacted Dan once more about Ezoic Premium, at this point he probably answered a hundred Emails from me already. I asked him if he thinks it would be worth it for me. He replied that all of the customers who went for premium were very satisfied with the results.

Once again, I listened to Dan's advice, who proved himself to be trustworthy in every decision I made so far and went for it. I got two weeks of a free premium trial at first.

They had different tiers, starting with 70$ per month, depending on how much revenue your site creates. If you earn more than a certain limit, you have to choose the higher-tier plan. I had 3 options at that time: 4-Star Basic, Preferred, or Elite.

Side-note: Now in 2022 the tiers have changed a bit, but more on that in a second.

Each level of the tiers has more benefits, the 4-Star-Elite-Tier weighing in with 288$ per month. That sounded a lot at first, but I had two weeks of free Premium, so I went for the 4-Star-Elite plan.

They basically give you an estimate of what your earnings will be. For the Elite plan, it was an estimate of 330$ USD - 420$ USD per month. That was definitely more than the tier itself would cost. Now, the great thing with this is, even if you do not hit 288$ in Premium Ad Revenue for some reason, they automatically set you to a lower tier, so you don't lose any money.

Premium also gives you a higher priority on all premium advertiser campaigns and some other goodies, generating more non-premium revenue for you as well.

Premium Features
Ezoic Premium Plans in 2019

The Fourth Month with Ezoic - October 2019

And more revenue it did create. After opting in for Premium, I was in for a surprise. As I said before, this Ezoic Review is a real-world example of how I implemented Ezoic in my own business, so I'm being completely transparent with my data.

Here are my October 2019 earnings with Ezoic premium:

October 2019 Ezoic Earnings
October 2019 Ezoic Earnings

In October 2019 my Ezoic Earnings were 1800$ - doubling my September earnings after opting in for Ezoic Premium. Of course, we need to subtract the 288$ premium fee from this, which still leaves us with 1512$. For me, the move to premium was well worth it.

Now, I don't know about your location, but this is almost a middle-class salary over here in Germany. This made me incredibly happy.

The Rest of 2019

In this Ezoic Review, as mentioned previously, I'm being completely transparent. Things cooled off a bit towards the end of the year, partly because traffic on my website got lower and I didn't put out as much content anymore due to working on other projects, but I still made 1300$ in November and 1250$ in December.

Ezoic Revenue 2019
Ezoic Revenue October - December 2019

The Year 2020

As you can see, everything was going really well in 2019 and then, the Corona Virus hit. That has changed everything, basically overnight. Not only did I see a major drop in website visits due to people not going to the office (I have a lot of people visiting my website during their working hours), as well as advertisers cutting their budgets for ads - and this has shown in my Ezoic Earnings as well.

My website traffic dropped from an average of 3000 visits per day down to around 1500 or less basically overnight. Of course, the revenue took a hit too.

Ezoic Ad Review
Ezoic Earnings 2020

You can see a significant drop around the time Covid really hit and everyone went into lockdown. My traffic graph shows a similar curve. But truth be told - I also was not very active during 2020 and didn't release a whole bunch of articles during this time, so this also contributes to that a bit.

Nevertheless, Ezoic's system still did its job and kept my ads optimized, making me the most profit possible. I would certainly have got a lot less had I still used Google Adsense.

The Year 2021

As mentioned above, I haven't been very active on this blog throughout 2020, which means my Ezoic Earnings basically stayed the same in 2021 as they were in 2020. I started paying more attention again when I got informed that Google pushes their new, game-changing Core Web Vitals update in May.

Ezoic basically went out of their way and made sure their publishers know everything there is to know about this new, huge update. Another reason why I put so much effort into creating this Ezoic Review.

This is what I consider another big plus when joining Ezoic - you are always up-to-date on the latest SEO and web trends. Not only did they provide a webinar, several emails explaining in detail what the new Google Update does and how to comply with it, but they also dedicated a whole website to the topic, helping their publishers hit their Google CWV scores.

Considering all of the new CWV stuff going on, I decided to re-template my blog around June 2021. This is a huge step because the AI has to learn everything from scratch once again.

Before doing the template switch, I reached out to their support and asked what I need to keep in mind going for the switch, as always, they went out of their way and provided me with a step-by-step guide on how to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Now, don't get me wrong. This is nothing they do out of welfare reasons - if it isn't obvious until now, the more money you earn, the more money they earn. This is what makes this relationship beautiful, you share the same interest.

Ezoic Earnings First Half of 2021

These are my Ezoic Earnings in the course of 2021 so far. You can see it stayed pretty stable above ~400$ a month.

Ezoic Ad Revenue
Ezoic Revenue First Half of 2021

Since I recently switched my template, as mentioned above, to comply with the new Google CWV, I have already seen a rise in revenue during the past few days - great!

Ezoic Earnings Second Half of 2021

Ezoic Revenue Second Half of 2021
Ezoic Revenue Second Half of 2021

Since I spent more time with Ezoic and optimizing my website again in the second half of 2021, I could see direct results in my revenue. Especially since I hit those Google CWV scores I've seen a huge bump in traffic as well as in site revenue.

I can definitely say that the second half of 2021 has treated me well. I put out content more consistently again and this has reflected directly in my revenue. I love how the effort you put in directly reflects in your earnings.

They also have released a ton of new features during the last year, which contributed to the decision to completely update this Ezoic Review once again.

Ezoic Premium in 2022

I have been a Premium customer ever since I first signed up for it, simply because I get additional revenue and some worthwhile premium features on top.

As I have said before when we were talking about Ezoic premium in 2019, their pricing model has since changed a bit, making it more accessible for smaller publishers, which is great.

Ezoic Premium Price
Ezoic Premium Plans 2022

As you can see, they have a bunch of different tiers available to choose from. Some will only become available once you reach a certain revenue and some of them will become inaccessible once you hit a certain revenue level - but the great thing is, should your revenue drop, they automatically downgrade you back to the lower plan, reducing monthly cost for you automatically - I found this to be a great feature.

They also inform you once you are eligible for a higher tier again - until now this had to be done manually, but since August 2021, they added a new feature that also allows you to automatically upgrade to the next tier, which helps you to always stay on top of your best possible earnings.

Ezoic Premium Price
Automated Upgrade Options

The reason why I always kept my premium subscription is that you always earn more than you pay. If you look at the image with the prices above, you see that the "estimated premium revenue" is always higher than the actual cost of the plan.

So for example, would you choose the Basic Plan that costs 14$ per month, the estimated revenue would be 17$ - 19$, which means at the worst outcome you'd earn 3$ more than if you wouldn't have a Premium Subscription.

These profit margins go up substantially on the higher tiers. If you look at the 3-Star Premium Plan Elite Level that comes at 110$ per month - the estimated revenue here is 165$ - 210$ per month, which boils down to around 55$ extra per month in the WORST case.

Of course, if you read their small print, nothing is guaranteed. Speaking from personal experience - I have always earned more than I have paid for, in some months a lot more.

Ezoic Premium Extra Features

You also get access to a ton of extra features as a premium customer, most of them are listed in the pricing diagram above.

The ones that I like most are access to the Quarterly Site Review, where you can schedule a meeting with your personal publisher success manager who looks over all your settings, analyzes your website and gives you tips and how to optimize your business in a One-to-One Zoom call. I always found those reviews extremely beneficial and I am always looking forward to them.

This is especially valuable since you have your own publisher success manager assigned to you who will accompany you through the growth process. Having a single point of contact has been proven to be extremely valuable for me.

Ezoic Premium Benefits
Ezoic Site Review

A little tip on that note: Write down what you want to ask during the meeting and keep it short and precise, as time is limited. The more organized you go into those meetings the more you get out of them.

Another feature I personally really like is access to the Analytics API. As a programmer, this little REST API allows me to access all of my analytics data using any programming language I like. I use it to send regular updates and interesting pieces of data to my phone.

But let's be realistic, most of us are probably most interested in the part where it says "increased revenue". Speaking about analytics, this brings us to the next major point of this Ezoic Review.

Ezoic Big Data Analytics

This is a major topic that I will cover in a separate, dedicated article in the near future, but nevertheless, I want to give you a short overview.

Ezoic comes with a bunch of awesome analytics tools that allow you to monitor viewer behavior, and better understand the most popular content on your website but it also shows you detailed analytics on how each ad performs and which of your articles drive the most revenue.

There is a myriad of different metrics that you can pull and it takes some time to understand the whole thing, but once you do, you start to see the benefits, because all of these metrics allow you to be a step ahead of your competitors.

Big Data Analytics
Ezoic Big Data Analytics Dashboard

But as I have said, going down into the details would be out of the scope of this Ezoic Review - so stay tuned for the extra piece.

The Struggle with Website Performance

I was already talking about the new Google Web Vitals update above and that goes hand in hand with the topic of WordPress Site Speed.

Before switching to Ezoic, I have spent countless hours trying different settings and plugins on my website to improve its performance - mostly ending in very frustrating results, as you can see below in a second.

The most popular "Site Speed Plugins" out there are WP-Rocket, WP SuperCache, and all the others whose names I successfully deleted from my memory.

Whatever I did, I never came even close to a satisfying result. Right around that time I got an email from them telling me about their new feature called "Site Speed Accelerator", now rebranded as Ezoic Leap and completely free of charge, back then a paid service that comes at 12,99$ a month.

Their promise: Make your website lightning fast without the need of doing anything. Now, this only works if you use Ezoic's name servers. That definitely sounded too good to be true, but since I already was a long-term customer, I got a free beta invite.

I gave it a shot back in 2019 and I was blown away by the results. I wanted to include this development in this Ezoic Review.

Google Pagespeed Results with WP-Rocket (DESKTOP)

Speed up wordpress with Ezoic
Google Pagespeed Results with WP-Rocket (DESKTOP)

Google Pagespeed Results with WP-Rocket (MOBILE)

Ezoic Ad Review
Google Pagespeed Results with WP-Rocket (MOBILE)

GTmetrix Score with WP-Rocket

Speed up wordpress with Ezoic
GTmetrix Score with WP-Rocket

As you can see, I was getting nowhere. My page speed was absolutely terrible.

Website Performance after switching to Site Speed Accelerator

I disabled all caching plugins on my end and waited a few days for Ezoic's tool to kick in, I was completely impressed by the results.

Google Pagespeed Results with Site Speed Accelerator (DESKTOP)

Speed Up WordPress with Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator
Google Pagespeed Results with Site Speed Accelerator (DESKTOP)

Google Pagespeed Results with Site Speed Accelerator (Mobile)

Speed Up WordPress with Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator
Google Pagespeed Results with Site Speed Accelerator (Mobile)

GTmetrix Results with Site Speed Accelerator

My GT Metrix Scores before switching to Ezoic Site Speed Accelerator
GTmetrix Results with Site Speed Accelerator

Was I wasting all those hours trying to optimize this myself? It sure seems like it. In the beginning, I couldn't really believe my eyes, but even Google Lighthouse audits had the same result. The site was loading lighting fast on every device. I guess I was sold. Mind you, those results were the initial results without any further optimization.

I have been a user of the former Site Speed Accelerator ever since and have made the migration over to Leap once they released it. Since then, I always got results in the high 90% on all audits.

Ezoic Leap Benefits

I still use Ezoic Leap because it performs even better than the old Site Speed Accelerator and because I don't need to think about what I have to improve on my website - Leap tells me what I need to do to get higher scores.

As of now, the Ezoic Leap team really pushes hard so that their publishers are able to pass Google's SEO-critical CWV scores - they want you to outperform the competition and they gave you the best tool to do it: Ezoic Leap.

The Leap Dashboard

I don't want to go into all of the nitty-gritty little details of Leap in this Ezoic Review since there will be a separate article coming out very soon covering Ezoic Leap in greater detail, so I just want to give you guys a quick sneak-peak of the Leap dashboard.

Leap Dashboard
Leap Dashboard

As I have mentioned above, I haven't optimized my new template yet, so those are the raw scores I got by just activating Leap without doing any extra work.

As you can see, Leap reserves its very own category on its website, where you can tweak a ton of things to fine-tune your setup, or you can even go ahead and copy the settings that the top-ranking pages use (Leaderboard on the right side).

Leap Recommendations

The best part is the recommendations. This is where Leap really thrives - It literally tells you what to do to achieve better scores - mostly accompanied by detailed instructions on the Ezoic WordPress Blog. This feature has saved me a ton of time doing research on my own.

Leap Recommendations
Leap Recommendations

Because Ezoic has so much data from their other publishers, they can even give you percentage estimates of how many sites are running slower because they are using a certain technology or plugin. Being a web developer myself, I fully understand how valuable this information is.

All that being said, I would recommend Ezoic Leap to anyone who doesn't want to deal with website optimization. It is the best tool I have encountered to date.

Updated Leap Scores Post Optimization November 2021

As I had promised, this Ezoic Review stays up-to-date.

I am writing this about two months after I wrote the initial Leap section and I have done a bunch of optimizations that were recommended to me through the Leap.

My scores have increased significantly and I am now passing Google Web Vitals Scores both on Mobile and on Desktop. I am amazed at how accurate this software works.

I sometimes Google my own articles on tech-related stuff since I write them partly for myself, and I was astonished by how fast this website loads now, even considering the ads (which Leap takes care of optimizing too).

Those are my current Leap scores as of November 2021. I am still working on the mobile score, but we're getting there.

Ezoic Review
Ezoic Leap Scores November 2021

Ezoic Leap Summary

Leap has freed up so much time for me that I needed to include it in this Ezoic Review, not needing to deal with site speed optimization anymore, I can just recommend it to anyone. I have no desire to go back to a WordPress Site Speed Plugin anytime soon.

In my opinion, the Site Speed Accelerator was already great, but Leap is a game-changer when it comes to WordPress Site Speed, especially because they also take the ads they deliver into consideration, as well as CWV scores.

If that has piqued your interest, why don't you give Leap a try? It's free.

Ezoic Requirements

I got a lot of questions about which requirements Ezoic has in regards to joining their platform. I decided to write a separate article on the topic that you can read here.

Ezoic Review Verdict after 4 Years

Now if we look back at what I have earned with Google Adsense before switching over to Ezoic back in 2017/2018, their services more than quadrupled my earnings, which translated to 454% increased Revenue, within just 4 months when I initially switched over to Ezoic from Google AdSense. These were definitely extraordinary results.

Since COVID hit exactly at the height of my blog's success, the blog took a big hit in revenue due to companies trying to save money and fewer people going to the office, hence fewer people consuming my content. Otherwise, who knows, maybe the revenue would have kept rising even higher.

Nevertheless, there is no reason to complain. I have been very satisfied with everything their service has enabled me to do with my business. Their extraordinary support definitely stands out in a sea of bad customer service nowadays. With this Ezoic review, I wanted to give you the best real-world example I could, being completely transparent with my revenue and numbers.

As I have mentioned previously, there will be a bunch of other articles coming up in the near future, going more into details on specific topics like Leap, ad placeholder guides as well as a bunch of other interesting stuff I have to share with you while I dig deeper into it myself.

If this article did help you to make a decision to give them a go, I would really appreciate it if you use my link to sign up with them, so I am able to keep providing you with these detailed and transparent guides. And if you do go for Ezoic, let me know in the comments below how your experience went, I'd be glad to know.

Is Ezoic worth it?

Since writing this Ezoic Review I got asked this question a lot. The short answer is: Yes, absolutely.

I did not regret switching to Ezoic from Google Adsense any single time. I am incredibly happy with their service and especially with their continuous support. Seriously, their team is superb.

I also have watched the development of their platform over the course of the past year and they work hard to keep improving their service constantly. There rarely is a week where there isn't an update to their WordPress plugin, which goes to show that they want to be on top of their game when it comes to Leap.

Also, there are a ton of free webinars and Facebook groups with insider tips. One thing I'd like to mention specifically is the Facebook group that is run by my initial contact Danijel Dadovic.

Danijel is putting out tips & tricks on how to increase your earnings almost daily. This community is also extremely helpful when it comes to solving questions and problems you might have when it comes to content creation.

Should you try Ezoic and end up not liking it, you can always go back to Google Adsense without any issues or ties. I highly recommend at least trying them for a few months.

If you are not convinced by now, you could read some of the comments below where people actually took the leap and gave Ezoic a try. You will see positive feedback throughout.

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34 thoughts on “My Ezoic Review After 4 Years - Better Than AdSense?”

  1. Totally genuine and true review..... Appreciable
    I have a query. I have a 1-year-old website ( that has 10k+ monthly views.

    Initially, I put AdSense there and in the recent 2 months, I also approved from Ezoic. So, my site has both ad networks currently. I want to ask if I should continue with both or just move to the ezoic only?

    And what should I expect from ezoic if I currently have only 10k views per month?

    Thank You if you could answer me both.

    • Hey Pankaj,

      since I already answered this question to you on Twitter, I answer it again here for everyone to see:

      1) I would highly recommend running Ezoic only. Ezoic also delivers Google Ads anyway, so the only thing you achieve by running both is you slow down your site. Keeping a clean setup is important.
      2) I can't tell. You can never predict this, but you will definitely see an increase from what you get from Google AdSense now, so much is for sure.

      Good luck!

  2. Hey Stefan,

    Thanks for the great information & detailed data about Ezoic. Can you please explain something about the objectionable/profanity words pointed out by AI in the dashboard. Ezoic says it won't dispaly ads on pages/posts with objectionable content/words as per adsense policy. My niche is on songs & profanity words are somehow used in the songs. However I have tapped many words using profanity filter plugin. Lets hope the number of pages pointed out by AI goes down next month. However I am happy to switch over to Ezoic. I have integrated through cloudflare & seeing positive results day by day.

    Was afraid in the beginning & now confident with ezoic.

  3. This was Really Great reading experience.... Actually this post really motivated me and I will surely continue on my blog. I was about to give up on blogging because of Ranking. Thanks for this post AF

  4. I got the invite a few weeks ago, and am currently in the process of switching with Ezoic. in fact, this article really helped me to understand Ezoic. I really appreciate that you provided such an amazing insight in the last 4/5 years. keep it up!

    • Hey Claire,

      love to hear this feedback! I'm glad I was part of convincing you to switch over to them - you will not regret it. Keep me posted on how your journey goes. Gladly send me a DM on Twitter I'm there at

  5. That was a great review. I think I give it a shot. Is now a good time to jump on board? I am a bit hesitant because it's the end of the year and I don't want to miss out on the ad revenue.

    Thank you!

    • Thanks! I can't tell. I would probably wait until after Christmas to make the switch. You could earn more if you get everything set up on time, or you could earn less if there is a problem. It's up to you.

  6. How is the situation looking now in regards to covid? are the ad rates getting better again? and is it worth to join ezoic over adsense as of late 2021?


    • Hey Naomi,

      Ad rates are indeed getting better. It seems like people are starting to spend money on advertisements again.

      In my opinion, it is well worth it, yes!

  7. Thanks for the review! This was the final piece I needed to convince myself to give ezoic a try....

    AdSense earnings really did tank since corona, so I hope this will make things better.... Do you still use leap? And if so, did you optimize it further and what are your current page scores?

    Thanks, J.

    • Hello Jay!

      Glad that my review was able to convince you to give Ezoic a try. And yes indeed, Covid did deliver a hard hit on all kinds of ad revenue...

      I still use Leap and I love it. I did do further optimization and I'm currently at 99 for Desktop and at around 85 for Mobile. Optimizing Mobile is much harder than Desktop, but I'm working on it and I actually started working together with Ezoic to create a very detailed guide on Leap, so stay tuned for that!

      Good luck 🙂

  8. Great review! I just went through it and I think you convinced me trying Ezoic. I have a website with around 1000 visits a day and I am currently using Google adsense, revenue is not so great yet but from what I read, it's well worth a try!

    Thanks for taking the time to put this together.


    • Hey Robert,

      thanks! Great to hear that you have liked my review. 1000 visits a day is already a solid number! That is definitely something you can work with using Ezoic, you should see a big increase in revenue for sure.

      Good luck, let me know how it went!

  9. Hello sir,
    I've been through every single word if your blog and its inspiring me. I got approval for ezoic a day before. It is really motivating me. Thanks for such a great article. Thank you!

    • Hello Pratik,

      that is very nice to hear! I am glad that you liked my post and I thank you for taking the time to leave a review 🙂

      Wishing you all the best on your journey, keep me posted!

  10. Great write-up, Stefan.

    Your Ezoic journey mirrors mine a lot, more than a year on AdSense, getting an e-mail and follow-ups from Ezoic, and eventually switching.

    My only regret is not switching sooner!

    All the best with your blog ?.

  11. Hey there,

    I just wanted to say thank you for putting this together! I run a rather successful blog (150k views a month at the moment) and I was playing with the thought of switching to Ezoic from Google Adsense for a while now.

    Your Ezoic review actually helped me to take the leap (no pun intended lol) and make the transition to Ezoic. I've been with them for around 5 months now and my revenue already increased substantially.

    So thank you once more, this was by far the most detailed review I have found on the internet!


    • Hey Peter,

      I'm very glad to hear that. I put this whole review together because I really believe it's a great technology, so I am happy to see it working out for someone else as well! Keep me posted on how your experience develops over the next couple of months!

      Also, thanks for leaving a comment and letting me know!


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