Ezoic Earnings - My Complete 4-Year Revenue with Ezoic

The number one question I get from people who have read my extensive Ezoic Review is: How have your Ezoic Earnings developed throughout the years? While I also cover a lot of details in regards to my Ezoic Revenue in the review article, I wanted to create a separate piece of content where we can deep-dive into all of my earnings, including those coming from the Ezoic Affiliate Program.

In this article, I will give you deep insights into my revenue, not only since I switched to Ezoic in 2019, but I will also show you my Google AdSense revenue in the years before, so you can see how Google AdSense vs Ezoic compares. This article is constantly being updated. I will add new data every month, so make sure to check back again later if you want to see more data.

Ezoic Earnings

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In case you haven't read my original Ezoic review, I give you a bit of context first. Feel free to skip ahead if you just want to see the numbers.

I have created my blog back in 2016. For the first 3 years, I used Google AdSense to monetize my blog with ads. The blog started to create note-worthy revenue in January 2018. During this time, I experimented a lot with ad placement, auto-ads, and so on. While my revenue kept increasing slightly each month, I did not really earn enough to make my blog a full-time job (which was my ultimate goal at the time).

In June 2019, I made the switch to Ezoic. How this process went and how I increased my revenue by more than 450% in just 4 months are described in detail here. I have been with Ezoic ever since and have also joined their affiliate program because I believe in their service.

Summarizing my experience over the past 4 years I've been with them, I can confidently say that I am very happy and I haven't had any bad experiences with their service. If anything, I saved a lot of time since switching to Ezoic (Ad placement, site speed, etc) while increasing my revenue substantially.

Google AdSense Earnings 2018

My Google AdSense earnings in the year 2018. I have only used Google AdSense in 2018.

01.2018Google AdSense41k$65
02.2018Google AdSense28k$65
03.2018Google AdSense35k$110
04.2018Google AdSense26k$85
05.2018Google AdSense28k$105
06.2018Google AdSense31k$115
07.2018Google AdSense32k$145
08.2018Google AdSense42k$195
09.2018Google AdSense43k$187
10.2018Google AdSense47k$212
11.2018Google AdSense48k$278
12.2018Google AdSense50k$257
Ezoic Earnings Website Traffic
Website Traffic 2018-2019

Google AdSense and Ezoic Earnings 2019

I switched over to Ezoic in June 2019. Below you'll find the earnings for 2019, before and after my migration to Ezoic. This gives you a pretty good idea of how quickly revenue increased.

01.2019Google AdSense60k$ 193
02.2019Google AdSense57k$ 219
03.2019Google AdSense75k$ 259
04.2019Google AdSense75k$ 279
05.2019Google AdSense77k$ 308
06.2019Google AdSense70k$ 59

Ezoic Earnings 2020

Below are my Ezoic Earnings for 2020. You clearly see a major drop in revenue when Covid hit around March 2020. Unfortunately, the ad industry didn't fully recover until this day. I was also creating less content in 2020 than I was in 2019, so there is a hit in page views, which is also reflected in the revenue.

From here on, I will not include the Platform table column, since it is always Ezoic now. I completely stopped using Google AdSense.


Ezoic Earnings 2021

In 2021, the ad industry was still affected by Covid. I started to produce more content around Mai 2021 again, which directly is reflected in the revenue.


Ezoic Earnings 2022

In 2022, my earnings are pretty leveled since my traffic mostly stays the same. This is a good representation of how well Ezoic works.

Ezoic Earnings Website Traffic
Website Traffic 2019 - 2022

As far as my Ezoic Earnings and my Website Traffic go, this should give you pretty detailed insights. For the time being, I'm sticking with Ezoic.

The Side Project Experiment

Back in 2021, I started a little side-project, Crypto Made Easy, where I show people safe ways how to buy Cryptocurrencies. I used the same template on the new blog as here, to keep things in sync. I did not plan to monetize the site at all, since I only wanted to create revenue on different Cryptocurrency affiliate programs.

After a while of doing this project, I had to eventually stop due to lack of time, but the blog still runs and drives traffic (and revenue), thanks to Ezoic.

In September 2021, I decided to do a little experiment: How long will it take me to integrate a completely new blog into the Ezoic ecosystem, and how long does it take until the blog generates revenue?

The short answer: Just a couple of clicks.

I was surprised at how easy it was to integrate my new website into Ezoic. Back in 2019 when I had been making the transition, things were not as polished as they were in 2021. I just logged into my Ezoic Dashboard and clicked on add new site, the GUI guided me through the rest of the process. About half an hour later, I was all set up and Ezoic's AI started to create its ad placeholders.

A few days later, the first revenue started to flow in. Be aware that I did not release any new articles since around May 2021, so this project basically hasn't been touched for a year now and is still generating revenue for me. Of course, the traffic has declined.

Side Project Ezoic Revenue 2021 - 2022

Below you'll find my side project revenue from 2021 to 2022. You can clearly see the drop in traffic since I did not release new content, yet the project still generates (some) revenue. Fully passive.

09.202159$0.73 😎

The Ezoic Affiliate Program

As an early adopter of Ezoic, I got the chance to join their Affiliate Program back in 2020. If someone pitches me an affiliate program with Lifetime Commissions, I always pay close attention to what they have to say.

Ezoic Affiliate Program
Ezoic Affiliate Program

One of my main goals is to build sustainable passive income, so anything that comes with Lifetime Commissions is usually a good way to spend your time. Since I only endorse products here on my blog that I personally believe in, I want to emphasize that this is the same case with Ezoic.

I share their affiliate program with you since I believe it's a great way to create true passive income. The revenue generated through Ezoic alone (website + affiliate program) allows me to be a full-time content creator and pursue the things that I love without worrying too much about my income. The income has been very stable and predictable throughout the past few years and this is something that I personally value.

Ezoic Affiliate Program Earnings 2021 - 2022

Since I want to make this Ezoic Earnings article as transparent as possible, I share with you my entire Ezoic Affiliate Program Earning History.


As you can see, over time this developed into a pretty substantial income stream.

Joining The Ezoic Affiliate Program

I highly recommend giving the Ezoic Affiliate Program a try if you run a blog. If you decide to do so, use this link and Ezoic makes sure you get white-glove service with their onboarding team. The only requirement to join their program is, that you need to have your website integrated with Ezoic and you must use Ezoic on your website.

Ezoic Requirements

When it comes to the requirements of joining Ezoic in general, I have created an entire article about that topic that covers everything you need to know. The tl;dr (too long, didn't read) version of it is: if you decide to join Ezoic and you are below 10.000 pageviews/month, you can use my link to increase your chances of getting accepted into their Direct Access Program early.


These insights should give you a pretty good picture of what you can expect in terms of revenue when joining Ezoic to deliver ads to your blog, or by joining the Ezoic Affiliate Program. So far, within the past 4 years, my experience has been positive throughout.

The good thing is, that you can always go back to your old setup should you not be satisfied with Ezoic. It is really easy to integrate and opt out again. Ezoic has promised me that anyone who migrates over to their service coming from my blog gets special treatment, so if you want to give it a try, click the huge green button below, and you won't regret it.

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