How to increase tx power for Alfa AWUS036H

Depending on where you live, the tx power of your Alfa AWUS036H might be set to 20dBm, not using its full potential of 30dBm. I will show you how to increase tx power for Alfa AWUS036H.

This might or might not work with any other Alfa adapter too.

Please be aware of your own countries WiFi regulations and stay in the legal zone. This guide does not encourage using higher dBm levels than the law allows.

Act at your own discretion.

This might also work for other antennas. I do recommend getting an Alfa Network Adapter if you are interested in Wireless Penetration testing. They have proven to be the most reliable adapters for Hackers in the past years.


Increase TX Power for Alfa AWUS036H in Kali Linux

Alright, open a console and type:

iwconfig wlan0

Now you will probably see that your Tx-Power = 20. Now we are going to change it to 30 and unlock the adapters full potential.

increase tx power for Alfa AWUS036H
Original Tx-Power

Next type:

ifconfig wlan0 down
iw reg set GY
ifconfig wlan0 up
iwconfig wlan0 txpower 30

This first will bring your wlan0 adapter down, then sets the location to Guyana (where 30dBm are allowed) and then you bring the interface up again and set the Tx-power to 30.

Originally, this worked with the country code BO for Bolivia, but the regulators got ahead of us and changed it so we can't use BO anymore.

You can now check your new Tx-power by typing:

iwconfig wlan0
increase tx power for Alfa AWUS036H
After changing the Tx-Power

And you should now see the full glory of 30dBm on your AWUS036H.

Again, only use it within the limits of your regional law.

If you are using this fix on any other Adapter than the AWUS036H and it worked for you, please let me know in the comments below. Let's hope that the regulatory board now takes a little longer to change the GY country code again 😉

Happy Hacking

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