Install NordVPN on Linux – Complete Guide

I recently wrote an article that compared the two most popular VPN providers out there: Private Internet Access and NordVPN. Now, after using NordVPN for a good while, I had to install it on a couple of Linux machines and thought the process might not be as straightforward for everyone as it is for me. Unfortunately, NordVPN doesn’t come with a nice GUI like PIA on Linux. Gladly, it’s really easy to install NordVPN on Linux and I am going to show you how to do it.

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Step 1 – Downloading the NordVPN Repository Package

Go ahead and download the NordVPN Repository Package from here. If you only have access to a command like you can also do a:

cd Downloads
wget language: JavaScript (javascript)
Install NordVPN on Linux

If you use the command line to download, make sure you check if release_1.0.0 is still the most recent before you run the wget command.

Step 2 – Installing the NordVPN Repository

To install NordVPN on Linux, we first need to install the NordVPN Repository that we just downloaded and update it. Open a terminal and run:

sudo apt-get install /home/YourUsername/Downloads/nordvpn-release_1.0.0_all.debCode language: JavaScript (javascript)
Install NordVPN on Linux

Once this is done, we update it.

sudo apt-get update -yCode language: JavaScript (javascript)

Step 3 – Install NordVPN on Linux

Now we are able to install the NordVPN package by running:

sudo apt-get install nordvpn -yCode language: JavaScript (javascript)

When you are done with this, we can go ahead and log in.

Step 4 – Logging in to NordVPN

There are several commands you can run. The most important are:

Logging in

nordvpn login
Install NordVPN on Linux


nordvpn connect


nordvpn disconnect


nordvpn settings

To set options in the settings use:

nordvpn setCode language: JavaScript (javascript)

Listing Countries

nordvpn countries

Refreshing the server list

nordvpn refresh

Connecting to a different country

nordvpn connect NameOfCountry


There is also a way to set this up in OpenVPN, but to be honest, the manual way for me is much easier. I use NordVPN for over a month now and I am very satisfied with their service so far. I got a free account from them to test it out and if you want to try them, sign up through my Affiliate Link so I get a small commission and you get a nice discount if you decide for a 3-year deal.

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