Three Dots in JavaScript (…) – Spread in Array Literals explained!

If you came across some code with three dots in JavaScript in combination with arrays and you have no clue what that means, you came to the right place. I will give you a thorough explanation. The three dots in JavaScript are a spread operator and there are two use cases where they are used: Arrays and Objects. In this article, we are looking at spread in array literals. Another separate article will cover spread in object literals.

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The JavaScript Array Filter Method: Explained & Made Easy!

After we have covered the JavaScript Array Find Method in the last article, allowing us to return one single element of an Object by searching for a string value, it is time to move forward and learn how to return multiple values from an Array by searching for a string or number using the JavaScript … Read more

The forEach Loop in JavaScript: Explained.

If you are studying Web Development you will come across Arrays pretty early on. Once you come to that point, you will need to learn and understand the forEach loop in Javascript. I still consider myself a beginner at Web Development, but I try to break things down to understand them better. Today we are … Read more

How to create a countdown timer in Javascript

When learning how to use Javascript, not everything will feel very easy at first. Especially true that is, when it comes to certain built-in methods or creating arrays from nodelists and how to create new functions. Working on my last project, I wanted to create a countdown timer in Javascript. With that, I was able … Read more