How to stay Anonymous online using the ParrotSec OS

Today I want to talk a little bit about how to stay Anonymous online. For this tutorial, we will use the ParrotSec OS. ParrotSec OS comes with a couple of pre-installed Anonymity tools. The one we want to look at today is Anon Surf.

Anon Surf allows you to root all online traffic through the TOR network. You probably have heard of TOR before; you might even use the TOR Browser for surfing the Web anonymously already. The difference in the Anon Surf mode is that all traffic, not only Web Traffic, is routed through the TOR Network.

You can also install Anon Surf on Kali Linux; check out Kody’s Tutorial from Nullbyte for that.

However, I encourage you to try the excellent Kali Alternative ParrotSec. If you want to learn how to install ParrotSec on VirtualBox, check out my easy step-by-step Tutorial for it.

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It’s very easy to start the Anon Surf Mode. But first, I want to show you that it actually works.

I just made a traceroute to by running the command:

traceroute language: CSS (css)

The output clearly shows that all traffic is routed via my own router and my ISP’s DNS Servers.

How to stay Anonymous Online
Traceroute output with regular connection

Now we are going to start Anon Surf and try the same traceroute command again.

Step 1 – Starting Anon Surf

To start Anon Surf, either use the terminal and type:

sudo anonsurf

Or, open the Applications Menu and select Anon Surf > Anonsurf Start.

How to stay Anonymous Online
Start Anonsurf

You will get prompted for your Root Password, and you will get asked if you want to kill dangerous applications. Confirm with Yes.

How to stay Anonymous Online
Kill dangerous Apps

Once this is done, you are in Anon Mode. We will verify this by running traceroute once more:

How to stay Anonymous Online
Using the TOR Exit Node

As you can see, the output looks way different. It’s a completely different route, not even going over the router.

You can now surf anonymously on your machine.

I put a disclaimer right here: This does not protect you from any unlawful activity. Don’t do stupid shit. You should only use this for looking up information anonymously, not to do any kind of hacking or scanning.

Step 2 – Stopping Anon Surf

To stop Anon Surf again, simply click on Applications again and choose Anonsurf Stop.

How to stay Anonymous online
Stopping Anon Surf

As you can see from the Menu, you can also Check your IP here prior to enabling Anon Mode to confirm that it actually changed. You can also change the Exit Node through this Menu.


This is just one of many options to stay Anonymous Online. Another great option to stay Anonymous from any of your devices, including your phone, is a trusted and well-known VPN provider like Private Internet Access. They don’t keep log files, and there are zero reports of anyone getting exposed by them, even after severe government pressure.

I can just highly recommend their service. If you use the link above, you get a small discount on their 2-year plan too.

If you want to learn more about staying Anonymous on the Internet, leave me a comment below.

This concludes this tutorial.

3 thoughts on “How to stay Anonymous online using the ParrotSec OS”

  1. Hello,

    i thing I have a problem, can you help me out?
    See below.

    └──╼ $traceroute
    traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
    1 _gateway ( 0.646 ms 0.525 ms 0.476 ms
    2 * * *
    3 * * *
    4 * * *
    5 * * *
    6 * * *
    7 * * *
    8 * * *
    9 * * *
    10 * * *

    What is wrong here? Why doesn’t work as in your description?
    I am starting to be totally disappointed by the entire. The logout also does not work for the new user….and I have also installed according to the instructions.
    Maybe you can still give me a few tips.

    Thank you!


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