Python Tutorial – Get Started with Python!

The best way to get started with the Python programming language is by practicing. Our Python Tutorial, tailored for beginners, will get you up to speed in no time. All of our Python tutorials are created with a beginner mindset, and we strive to make everything as clear and easy as possible.

This starter section will provide a guideline for you to get started with learning the Python programming language. We take it from the very beginning.

The majority of our Python tutorials have a Replit repository attached to them. With this approach, we want to make your learning experience as hands-on as possible!

What is Python?

1 – What is Python?

What is Python, and what is Python used for?

2 – Installing Python

In this first part, you learn how to properly install and set up your computer for Python programming!

3 – Visual Studio Code for Python

Next, we will install and configure Visual Studio Code for Python Development!