Introduction to the AWS Tutorial Series

Today I want to introduce a new category and a new tutorial series: The AWS Tutorial Series. This series is specifically focused on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in combination with pfSense.

At the moment we are planning our Cloud architecture and are on the verge to go full Cloud, with pfSense handling all the internal networking.

The setup will be something like this:

Going from the Internet Gateway to the pfSense via Site-to-Site VPN.

I will document the whole process for you guys from start to finish. From setting up the Domain Controller on AWS to establishing the VPN connection between the Amazon Gateway to our pfSense Firewall.

I never did anything like it, so I look forward to the challenge. I will run the whole thing with a Dual WAN setup on my pfSense with a static IP Address on one of the interfaces.

I started working on a tutorial from Linux Academy, which so far, I highly recommend:

  1. Start with                AWS Concepts
  2. Continue with       AWS Essentials

I found both courses excellent so far. The best of it: They are free!

You can find both courses on Udemy.

So far I am through 61% with AWS Essentials and I love how comprehensive the course is built. If you want to start learning AWS and Cloud Computing, this is a great place to start.

So at this point, there is nothing much more to say, once I start getting my hands dirty, you will see the first tutorial coming up here. Remember to subscribe to the newsletter so you get informed about new articles (no more and no less).

You can get pre-installed pfSense hardware here:
I use a PC Engines APU.1D4 Bundle which is only available on the German Amazon, so you have to look how to get it in the US, but I assume the options above are of equal quality.

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