Delete FOG Image – How to properly delete them

If you have followed my other FOG Tutorials, like the one to create a Windows 10 Image with FOG, you probably will come to a point sooner or later where you want to delete obsolete Images to save Disk Space on your FOG Server. Just deleting them in FOG doesn’t remove them from the Server. A little Manual Labor is required to Delete FOG Image (s). I quickly run you through.

Step 1 – Log in to your Fog Server

Log in to your FOG Server and log in as root.

sudo -i

Navigate to the folder where your images are located, per default here:

cd /images/

Now check your images. Make sure you don’t delete a production image!


Delete FOG Server Images


Step 2 – Delete FOG Server Image

Time to delete the image we want to be removed. Simply run:

rm -rf NameOfTheImageYouWantDeleted

Delete FOG Server Images

This will free up your Disk Space. You can double-check by checking your FOG Server Dashboard. It doesn’t get much easier than that.


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