Battlefield 5 Stutter Fix (WORKING!)

Hello, fellow Gamers! This time I have one of my rare gaming related articles. To wind down in the evenings, I sometimes still like to play a round or two. I grabbed a copy of Battlefield 5 lately and had really bad stuttering. No matter which graphics settings I changed, the stuttering persisted. It was always a frame-drop of like 20-30 FPS every few seconds, especially when there was smoke/fire in the map, which made aiming almost impossible. Gladly, after a fair bit of research, I found a Battlefield 5 Stutter Fix that actually worked.

This issue came up with the Windows 10 Creators Update recently. The issue causes your System Memory to run full but it doesn’t clear it anymore, so your Memory is constantly overloaded.

Don’t worry; the Battlefield 5 Stutter Fix is really easy to implement.

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Battlefield 5 Stutter Fix

I found this post on Reddit from u/Zamblaf. He links to another thread that explains a technique using a tool called “Empty Standby List”, this probably is going to work as well, but needs a bit of configuration.

Thanks to the top comment of the post from u/IceAero, pointing out that using a tool called “Intelligent Standby List Cleaner” instead is much easier. I went for this and it worked flawlessly without the need of any configuration.

Step 1 – Downloading the Tool

You can simply download the tool directly here, or from the Creator’s Website.

SHA1: 9D586964B0568428B9722DE67A5B5E4BA4F1E2F9

Step 2 – Unzipping the File

Unzip the File anywhere convenient for you, like your Desktop.

Step 3 – Starting the Tool

Once unzipped, right-click the Tool and select “Run as Administrator”.

Battlefield 5 Stutter Fix

After that, leave everything on default and hit Start. Now the tool will free up your Standby Memory once there is less than 1024MB free.

Battlefield 5 Stutter Fix

Step 4 – Starting Battlefield 5

Now just start Battlefield 5 and let the tool run in the background. You should now notice a significant reduction in stuttering.


This fixed the stuttering completely for me, making Battlefield 5 finally playable. If this Intelligent Standby List Cleaner tool is not working for you, try the Empty Standby List Tool that I have mentioned above. Happy fragging!

6 thoughts on “Battlefield 5 Stutter Fix (WORKING!)”

  1. I used the program, along with the tip of Tom Bosley, had a satisfactory improvement, thank you and sorry for the English I am Brazilian

  2. Interesting. I’ll give this a shot.

    Here’s another thing that fixed my FPS in BF V:

    1, Hit start menu and type “Defender”, it should bring up “Windows Defender settings” entry, so open it.
    2, Once you are in Windows Defender Security Center, Click App & browser control button
    3, Scroll all the way down, to Exploit protection, and click Exploit protection settings text
    4, Once on Exploit protection page, set Control flow guard (CFG) to OFF.
    5, It will prompt you to restart your PC. Restart.

    Try it and see if it makes a difference. It did for me.

    Obviously, it reduces the effectiveness of Defender, but try temporarily disabling this protection setting.


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