pfSense: The Impenetrable Wall

In this day and age, the world lives and thrives on the Internet. Cyberspace is a buzzing location where anything is possible. Virtual Life is ingrained in reality for many people.

In such a scenario, the problems of the real world translate to the virtual. There are various dangers of the Internet that one has to ready themselves before exploring this gold mine of opportunities. This situation is where Cyber Security proves to be relevant.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is concerned with different measures, programs, and plans which ensure safety on the Internet. The services of this sector are available for all entities on the Internet, be it individuals or groups, or even large gatherings such as corporations or countries. The essence of Cyber Security is the same as how security works in the real world.

Information: The Driving Factor

In Cyberspace, Information is everything. All things work based on lines of code connected to each other and containing instructions. Data is the fuel, the process, and the output. Ones and Zeroes are more valuable than anything else.

This leads to a situation where even a small quantity of corrupted data can cause damage of unimaginable proportions. Therefore, protecting and regulating this information is equivalent to defending oneself.


Firewalls can be considered as the original line of Defence against threats on the Internet. As the name suggests, it acts as a wall, regulating the flow of information across by checking the source. A firewall blocks connections and denies access to sites which may be potentially harmful to your system.

Most operating systems come with inbuilt firewalls, but it’s always safe to upgrade to the best possible option. There are many paid firewall options in the market, but very few open source software come close to that level of perfection.

pfSense: The Best Option

The area of Cyber Security provides a very profitable market for tech giants. Customers invest to be safe on the Internet as it has become a crucial part of their lives or business operations. In this scenario, a good option for a Firewall becomes expensive. This is where pfSense comes in. As a firewall software which is free and powerful, pfSense comes with tons of benefits.

pfSense is an open source software which means that anyone can use it for free. The software also has a lot of features and options for customization. This allows it to be a solution for users from different platforms and with different needs, from personal computers to industrial systems.

The importance of a Good Firewall

A good firewall is an essential step towards Internet Security. The web is crawling with content that can harm your system and negatively impact your online presence. For many people, this links directly to their lives and businesses and is an enormous risk. A good firewall eliminates this risk by securing the computer from the awful parts of the network.

Options other than pfSense are either cheap or powerful, but not both. A lot of cheap or free alternatives are not powerful enough to tackle the many negatives that exist online nowadays. The good ones have to be bought at an expense that is at times recurring. Moreover, in a field where updates happen every day, your investment could be rendered obsolete soon. This means that there is a risk of having to pay frequently for newer versions.

Many companies make money due to this issue. This is where pfSense is different. As an open source software, this costs little to nothing. The updates are also free. Using pfSense leaves you well equipped with a state of the art line of Defence.

The additional options

Today everyone looks for additional features and options. Any product has to be versatile to be popular. Something that can do a lot of jobs efficiently is more than a bonus. It is a necessity. This narrative holds true for the Cyberspace.

pfSense is one such software that can perform a multitude of functions better than its counterparts. The software comes with a plethora of additional features that make it much more than just a traditional firewall. These features make it a powerful and user-friendly security service.

Security Measures and Protocols

pfSense has an insane amount of Security Measures and Protocols. Most of these options are highly customizable. The user can set these options manually and manage how the firewall works.

pfSense allows you to observe and regulate connections based on factors such as IP address, Source, and Destination port among others. It also uses an advanced passive fingerprinting tool to find out the OS or Network on the other side of the line. This method can also be used to distinguish and regulate connections.

Another method that it employs is Packet Normalisation where it uses the scrubbing or reconstructing information of the packets to make sure that it hasn't been tampered with or misinterpreted. This process eliminates the risk of data getting corrupted while en route. Any suspicious activity here can be flagged and checked. This option can be turned on and off if necessary.

pfSense can also bridge interfaces and allow traffic to flow between them. It has a transparent two-layer firewall structure which enables different interfaces to act from either side, making it a very flexible form of firewall.

Perhaps the most significant feature of pfSense is the ability to accommodate multiple connections. pfSense can handle multiple connections and also carry out load balancing effectively. This truly sets apart pfSense as an open source software that has cutting-edge features.

The Verdict

Cyber Security is the primary concern of a large part of the population and majority of businesses. As a platform where a lot of activities happen on a daily basis, the internet has become a part of their lives. Any threat from this angle has to be dealt with, and pfSense is the best way to do that.

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Article written by Manuj Aggarwal
Manuj is a friend of mine and a pfSense advocate himself. He is based over in Vancouver, BC. He is an author, engineer and trainer. Manuj also runs his own Blog at

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