pfSense 2.3.4 Released!

As you probably have seen in your firewall, pfSense 2.3.4 was released just yesterday! I will quickly summarize the most important changes that were made in this version.

Significant changes:

  • A few new informations are available on the Dashboard:
    • Bios Vendor, Version and Release Date
    • A Netgate Unique ID (It’s similar to a serial Number, for Support reasons mainly, it is not transmitted anywhere automatically.)
    • PPPoE Uptime Display on the Interfaces dashboard widget
    • Few new filters for different Dashboard widgets
  • Firewall GUI Certificates
    • Certificate Code was corrected so no more issues accessing the pfSense Web GUI on Chrome 58 and later
    • You need to create a new certificate to use for the GUI to utilize the new format
  • General GUI
    • Added navigation links to breadcrumbs

Those are just a few changes, you can look upon the complete list here.

I will, as always, wait a few days before upgrading the production firewall and see if any problems are coming up on the forums.

It is always good to see that the guys from Netgate are constantly working on bug fixing and improving the firewall. Soon as 2.4 will be released, there will be a thorough article on the new features it will have.

Enjoy your weekend!

You can get pre-installed pfSense hardware here:
I use a PC Engines APU.1D4 Bundle which is only available on the German Amazon, so you have to look how to get it in the US, but I assume the options above are of equal quality.



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