Power goes Down: Ransomware in the Biggest South African City

The biggest city of South Africa, Johannesburg recently experienced an electricity outage that was caused by a Ransomware attack on the systems of the city’s power company.

What does Ransomware do?

Ransomware is a type of malicious program that is controlled by the hackers to encrypt data present on other systems, and they demand an amount of money in return to get all encrypted files back to the victim.

Impact of this Attack

With this dangerous ransomware, all of the data of the power company was encrypted, and they no more had access to their original data. The official website of the company was down as well. The customers were no more able to buy electricity units from the prepaid electricity vending system.

According to a statement given by the company, none of the data and details of its customers were compromised. The customers were not able to access the CityPowerJhb official website, they are said to log calls from their smartphones by using citypower.mobi.

In a statement given by some person from the CityPowerJhb, a quarter of a million people are affected due to this Ransomware attack. The attack affected the system so badly that it is expected to take some weeks for the system to clean up and for proper functionality.

This is not the first Ransomware attack done by hackers. Hackers are targeting capital cities of different countries around the world, and they are demanding a large amount of money.

Cybersecurity experts upon this say that it is not beneficial for the government to pay the hackers as it is likely possible that they may still do not release your original data. Security researchers moreover said that the government should always carry a secure and reliable backup of their data so that even if it is encrypted with some ransomware but still, you will have access to the safe backup.

Action being taken

The cybersecurity team of the city power company is busy in the investigation of this ransomware attack. They are finding clues to get to the attacker, and they are active in searching that how this ransomware got into their systems.

The power company is slowly getting over this issue, and they are trying to fix all of their applications and web servers to regulate everything.

The CityPowerJhb has introduced some alternate solutions for submitting invoices until the system gets entirely fixed.

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