Happy Holidays and Wrapping Up 2017!

A little wrap up for the year 2017 🙂

What a year! 2017 was a total blast. I got a lot of content out for you guys and you really appreciated getting thorough tutorials, lot’s of thanks in the comments, that’s the stuff that keeps me going!

Thanks to all of you for all the support.

I was also able to upgrade the server in the past few days, so you all should now have a better experience on Ceos3c too!

All of your donations flows right back into improving Ceos3c.com even further. I’m constantly working on providing the best possible experience for all of you.

I have a list of the most popular posts this year for you guys, check it out below:

  1. By far the most popular post of the year: How to configure OpenVPN on pfSense!
  2. Closely followed by: Manually updating your Plex Media Server on Freenas
  3. Aaaand the third place goes to: How to generate a SSL Certificate for pfSense

pfSense 2 times in the top 3, who would have thought that 🙂

I got good news for you, lot’s of pfSense content in the making for 2018!

Also, posts about Cryptocurrencies gain a lot of traction right now. It seems to become a very popular topic in 2018.

Now I don’t want to take your time up any longer:

A huge thanks to all of you for continuously supporting Ceos3c and making all of this possible!

This is just the beginning.

I wish you and your families a peaceful Holiday time and a great start in 2018!

See you in 2018!

Stefan // Ceos3c

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