Qualcomm Bug makes Millions of Android Devices Vulnerable to Hacking

The Tencent team found several flaws in the Qualcomm chipsets, and these flaws can be used by attackers to take control of their victim’s device. These three vulnerabilities which are collectively known as “QualPwn” can enable the attackers to take over their victim’s device by sending malicious packets to the user without any user interaction. … Read more

Researchers Found New Ways to Hack WPA3 Passwords

The cyber-security team which had recently found various vulnerabilities collectively named as “DragonBlood” in the new WPA3 WiFi protocol. The same group of researchers now found two more significant weaknesses in the WPA3 WiFi protocol. The WPA3 WiFi protocol was launched about a year ago. This new protocol offers a more secure handshake which is … Read more

Critical Flaws found in VxWork RTOS affecting 2 Billion devices

VxWorks, a real-time operating system (RTOS) that powers around 2 Billion devices across the globe is recently found vulnerable to 11 zero-day vulnerabilities out of which six vulnerabilities are very critical that can lead to dangerous attacks. These 11 critical flaws are collectively called URGENT/11 because of eleven number of vulnerabilities. The VxWorks RTOS is … Read more