How to buy Ripple(XRP) step-by-step – February 2021!

You are probably here because of the recent news. Reddit’s popular WallStreetBets Subreddit has a new target: Ripple (XRP). Someone has created a post to push Ripple and created a Telegram group. The Telegram group reached 50.000 members just minutes after the launch. A few hours later it has reached the maximum of 200.000 people. That means, there are well over 500.000 people involved in this now. This is the best time to buy Ripple, and I show you exactly how to buy Ripple in February 2021 in the easiest possible way! This guide is as up to date as it gets.

We’ll use the Binance Exchange in this tutorial. I have been using Binance since 2016 and found it to be the most reliable platform I have used so far.

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